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Enroll your team and see how they function in this new digital environment.

Enroll your team and see how they function in this new digital environment.


Leadership Accelerated Masterclass




2 Days, 2hr


Virtually on Zoom

In 2011, our CEO was in a chat with the MD of a bank and some of his executives about one concern they had - individual staff appraisals were looking great but the overall performance of the bank was well below average.

Where was the disconnect? Of course, there were other factors but one thing stood out -

  • The Senior Team (2% of the employees) were well trained, experienced and knew what they were doing.

  • The colleagues further down the line of command (77% of the employees) were churning out what they were told to do on a daily basis.

  • The people at the middle of the organization were translating the strategy into the daily actions being executed by the employees down the line. Their impact on the overall organization was huge.

So it was clear - the middle level was the missing link. So the Leadership Acceleration Masterclass was born to fast-track the growth of the middle level leaders and managers, unit / departmental heads, branch managers, and so on towards become strategic and transformational leaders.

We have delivered this programme in various formats, for various industries over the last 10 years and the impact is huge.


To successfully drive change and generate value in today’s dynamic, globally interdependent marketplace, leaders across all levels and departments must fundamentally change the way they think about business, the environment, and the customers. The organization requires transformational leaders who understand the practices and principles of decision making, problem solving, leading organization-wide changes, communicating direction and mentoring across all levels within the organization.

For a leader to be effective and positively influence organizational performance, he or she must have the ability to promote creativity, innovation, stimulate subordinates to challenge their own value systems and adopt an explorative thinking process that approaches old problems in new ways using digital tools.


Our goal is to create a strategic mindset across the managers and team leaders of the organization, which would in turn lead to:

  • A fine-tuning of existing strategic models within the organization thereby leading to better policy formulation in tandem with global best practices

  • Creation of new strategies at corporate and departmental levels

  • An improved link between strategy and daily operations for better execution

  • Empowerment to manage and create a culture of innovation and change

  • Better management of changes that are occurring in the macro economy as well as our internal responses.


Module 1 – The Fundamentals of Leadership

  • Personal Self-Assessment

  • Understanding Your Leadership Style

  • Making the Transition – From Manager to Leader

Module 2: 360° Transformational Leadership

  • Developing a 360° Strategic Mindset

  • Habits of highly effective strategic leaders

  • Why leaders fail – A Case Study

  • The Strategic Leader's Toolkit

Module 3: Leading & Managing teams for Superior Performance

  • Team Development Best Practices

  • Effective Coaching and Mentoring Practices

  • Building Effective Workplace Partnership

  • Managing Cultural Diversification