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Enroll your team and see how they function in this new digital environment.

Enroll your team and see how they function in this new digital environment.


Digital Transformation Masterclass




5 Days, 2hr


Virtually on Zoom


Digitalization is incredibly becoming fast- paced in Africa, which makes it challenging for the government and public sector to stay on top of all the latest trends. With the boost in technological innovation, there is the urgent need for companies in Africa to introduce digital operational methods and use of everyday technology across all functions, enabling the employees to stimulate innovation and boost productivity.

This masterclass will showcase how technology can improve every day operations even the smallest of work activities we carry out.


At the end of this training, delegates will be able to;

  1. Discover easy and innovative ways to improve their everyday tasks even in their personal lives.

  2. Write better, communicate better, perform better, and report better.

  3. Design and implement new ideas that will improve the overall performance of the Organization.

  4. Pinpoint and understand how to use the essential applications necessary for their daily workflow activities to become more efficient. This applies to internal processes, controls and delivery of improved service to colleagues and stakeholders.

  5. Understand how the digital world operates, the dangers, how to mitigate them and how to stay up-to-date using simple techniques.

  6. Explore technology and innovation thinking and develop strategies in generating and integrating technology that would impact on productivity of the bank.

  7. Explore the possibilities in staff centric innovation and generate a personal action plan in order to lead change.

  8. Gain better insight into the softer elements of operating within the digital space and becoming a thought leader.


The following are the key modules to be covered during the programme as modified.

  • Module 1: Digital Transformation in the Workplace: The Why, What and How

  • Module 2: An Overview of Digital Tools and Technology for enhanced productivity across critical activities:

  • Effective Communication and Business Writing for results

  • Time management Techniques

  • Data Analysis for Everyday Operations and reporting

  • Internet Usage and Cyber Security

  • Team Collaboration

  • Tasks and Project Management

  • Managing Clients and Stakeholders

  • Files Management and Storage

  • Designing and Delivering Powerful Presentations