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Transform Your Career and business with our training programme 


Over 50,000 employees trained in over 100 corporate organizations 


We digitize your training, content, and your academy


We create local media content, animation, and dramas for your training



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In spite of the fear and inadequacy we might feel, we will face our goals head-on!


Welcome to Star Sapphire Training Academy

Think about this. Why would a Training Company invest heavily in having its own Large Media Production Studio since 2015, having its own Learning Management System since 2018, having more than 200 Online Courses and having more than 200 Certified International Faculty since 2012? Just one reason – YOU, our Corporate and Individual Learners. We long prepared for the future and each day it unfolds, our clients have a ready partner to navigate the waters with them. 

Founded in 2010, we have become one of the Leading Corporate Training Companies in Nigeria, with Headquarters in the Central Business District of Abuja, serving top banks, insurance companies, government agencies, international organizations and other private sector institutions over the last 11 Years.

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WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ?  - Lets get you started



Customized Corporate Trainings (In-plants)

We develop and deploy bespoke training programmes that are tailored to your organization's goals and address employee learning needs. These could be deployed physically or virtually using our learning technology. 


Executive Classes/Short Courses

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We offer all-year-round high-impact short courses for Senior Executives, Leaders, Managers, High-Flyer, and anyone groups within your organization. 


Learning Management System (LMS)

We have a very robust and affordable learning management system that will digitalize your training engagement and save you up to 80% of your training budget.

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E-learning Content Conversion

Content is king in training, and we are able to support you in converting your traditional content to digital format, to build a digital contents Library that powers the knowledge growth of your workforce. 

Clients we have served 

We're Proud to Have Established Relationships with Thousands of Clients in All Industries

Our Faculty

Our faculty are leading intellectuals and practitioners in their fields who bring scholarship, experience, and collaboration to the classroom


Oshiomha Irumhekha

Former Head, First Academy, First Bank

Star Sapphire’s methodology for content customization and programme delivery always guarantees value to the business and paradigm of our employees


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